Horse Experiences

Sant’Antioco Horse Riding

Located a few hundred meters from the archaeological area, the Carolina Ranch riding in Sant’Antioco. organizes Horse-riding excursions also designed for those who are facing for the first time in this wonderful world. You will ride on paths overlooking the splendid riches of the South Western Coast of the Island of Sant’Antioco that reveal one of the most fascinating and mysterious places on the island: the nuragic village of “Grutt’i acqua”. A settlement dating back to the 16th – 13th century BC

The main monument is the polylobed nuraghe; surrounded by the high Mediterranean scrub, there is a well temple, where rites related to fertility were supposedly carried out; we still find the nuragic lake, a fundamental water resource for the development of the village and finally the huts of the ancient nuragic village which remain a testimony to the great extent of the archaeological site.

Among the helichrysum, ginestre, dwarf palms, junipers and olive trees you reach Portu Sciusciau, where the erosion of volcanic rocks has formed arches and caves.

Not far from the archaeological area of ​​Grutt’i water we find the Tomba dei Giganti of “Su niu e su Crobu”, burial used to bury the members of the most wealthy groups in the Nuraghic age.

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