Terms and Conditions

1.Object of the sale through the website www.carolinaranch.it: The services offered for sale by Carolina Ranch, with registered office in Sant’Antioco, Loc. Cala Sapone 11 – 09017 – Sant’Antioco (SU) P IVA 03662930928 , through its website www.carolinaranch.it (hereinafter referred to as the website) are made up of specific offers of vouchers to take advantage of the excursions / experiences offered (hereinafter for brevity: offer). In each offer on the Website, the particular contract conditions applicable to the individual offer are specified. Each offer is characterized by a predetermined duration, as well as by technical characteristics, and prices applied to the single offer, valid only and exclusively for the period of time indicated in the same. All the offers also apply, in addition to the special conditions, the present general conditions. The sale is reserved to the Italian territory and no contracts are stipulated with contractors having their registered office outside the Italian territory. Therefore, to all contracts stipulated between the parties through the website www.carolinaranch.it, these general conditions apply, in addition to the particular contract conditions included and viewable in the individual offers.

2. Scope of application: the following conditions apply to all contracts concluded between Carolina Ranch, through its website www.carolinaranch.it, and subjects resident in the Italian territory. The reference legislation for the interpretation of these conditions, of the contracts based on them stipulated, and for any controversy should arise in this regard, is the Italian law, with application of the Italian jurisdiction. Carolina Ranch assumes no responsibility for the sale of products and / or services by persons other than Carolina Ranch that are on the www.carolinaranch.it website through links, banners or other links. Carolina Ranch is not responsible for the contents of these sites nor for any errors and / or violations of the law by the same.

3. Site registration, privacy and consumer definition: In order to proceed with online purchase, the purchaser must register by completing the appropriate “form” available on the Site and provide their personal data, including tax code and / or VAT number, declaring the truthfulness of the same. These data will be processed in compliance with the provisions of privacy legislation, available on the website www.carolinaranch.it. Carolina Ranch will not accept any order from individuals who have not provided their data, complete and truthful. Carolina Ranch sells the services offered on the Site both to subjects qualifying as Consumers pursuant to the Consumer Code (ie subjects that do not use the services purchased by Carolina Ranch in the context of their work, commercial or professional activity) and to non-qualified subjects as Consumers, but in any case do not trade in the services purchased through the Site. Carolina Ranch therefore expressly prohibits the purchase of the services contained in the Site in order to resell them to the public or third parties, in a commercial activity or not. . In this sense Carolina Ranch reserves the right not to process orders deemed anomalous, at its sole discretion. For the purposes of these general conditions of sale, and pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005, it is not considered a Consumer who registers in the category Companies, organizations, professional holders of VAT, contextually inserting their own game I.v.a.

4. Unilateral modifications: Carolina Ranch may modify, without prior notice, the general and specific sales conditions. These changes will take effect from the day of their publication on the Site. The purchase conditions forwarded to the Site before the above-mentioned changes are published will be applied to the general conditions in force at the time of conclusion of the contract of sale. Carolina Ranch reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate sales through the Site at any time, and declines any responsibility, for any reason, for changes, suspension or termination.

5. Request for services: The buyer must notify Carolina Ranch of its willingness to purchase offers through a request made directly on the Site, where you can view and learn about offers offered by Carolina Ranch, the duration of the same, including the characteristics essential services and price. In the case of multiple orders, it will be considered as stipulated as many contracts how many offers are purchased. The order placed by the purchaser through the procedures of the site integrates a contract proposal and constitutes a specific acceptance of the present general conditions, as well as the particular conditions applied to the individual offer, which will therefore be applied to the contractual relationship established between the parties. Carolina Ranch has the right to accept, at its sole discretion, orders received without, in case of non-acceptance, the buyer can make claims or claims against Carolina Ranch in any way. The contract will be considered concluded, and the related order processed or undergoing evasion, at the time when Carolina Ranch has the certainty at its sole discretion to be able to process the order, even as a result of specific agreements agreed with the customer.

6. Validity of the offers: Each offer on the site shows the validity period of the same. Once this period has elapsed, the offer can no longer be purchased, nor will Carolina Ranch be required to propose it again.

7. Delivery and transport of materials: Any essays, tubes or samples must be identified and delivered to the Carolina Ranch office by letter, order or other accompanying document describing them and defining which exams or tests are required. The specific agreements will be made directly between the buyer and Carolina Ranch once the purchase process is concluded and the order is accepted by Carolina Ranch. The material must be delivered to Carolina Ranch free of any expense. Otherwise the purchaser will be charged for the advance by Carolina Ranch, as reimbursement of expenses. In the event that the collection of materials is carried out by Carolina Ranch agents, the specific transport costs will be charged, except in cases of better favor. In any case, the samples are considered as valueless objects and no compensation is recognized for any reason in the event of loss and / or damage deriving from transport.

8. Order Confirmation: The services provided in the offer, and purchased by the Customer, will be performed only after contact between Carolina Ranch and the customer with the subsequent written acceptance of the assignment by Carolina Ranch; in this acceptance, the details relating to the order and a summary of the content of the information relating to the purchase will be communicated to the purchaser. In case of non-acceptance of the assignment by Carolina Ranch, the amount paid by the buyer will be reimbursed by crediting the Paypal account of the amount committed or by credit note in case of payment by bank transfer.

9. Methods of payment: The buyer can pay for the offers purchased, through the PayPal system, which guarantees the security and confidentiality of transactions. At the end of the order the system will direct the buyer directly on the secure SSL site of PayPal where the procedures for transferring sums due to Carolina Ranch can be perfectedThe offers purchased can also be paid by bank transfer with payment to the current account indicated in the e-mail received from the customer upon purchase and sending the relevant accountant to Carolina RanchCarolina Ranch will give rise to the execution of the requested work only and exclusively in the case in which there is proof of payment, whatever the chosen payment method.

10. Right of Withdrawal: Carolina Ranch has the right to withdraw from each contract, giving written notice to the buyer by email and recommends a / r, as well as having the right not to accept orders from buyers who have not settled previous orders, not have accepted the delivery of the products they purchase, or are suspected of behavior contrary to the law. Pursuant to articles 64 and following of the Consumer Code, the purchaser qualifying as Consumer (a person who does not use the products purchased by Carolina Ranch as part of their work, commercial or professional) has the right to withdraw from the purchase without any additional penalty. The amount paid by the Consumer can be returned in full, in part or in no part in relation to what is indicated on the individual offers. The services must be requested by the Consumer within the periods indicated on the individual offers; after these terms Carolina Ranch will withhold the entire amount paid by the Consumer without any duty whatsoever to this. To this end, it must send a communication by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to be sent within 10 days from the conclusion of the contract.

11. Disputes: All disputes arising, related or otherwise related to this contract shall be subject to a mediation process, to be carried out by a specific body recognized between the parties. The registered office of the appointed body must be in Sant’Antioco, and the mediation in question must be held there. The regulation of the chosen body will be applied to the mediation process established in this way. In the event that both parties to the contract file an application for mediation for disputes arising, related or otherwise related to this contract, only the mediation procedure established with an application filed with the Body on an earlier date will be cultivated. In the event that the attempt at mediation does not have a positive outcome, the Court will be competent only for the Court of Sant’Antioco, with the exclusion of all other optional forums, as per Articles 19 and 20 of the Italian Civil Code.

12. Jurisdiction: In the event that the attempt at mediation does not have a positive outcome, for the subsequent eventual judgment relating to any dispute arising from this contract, the Court of Sant’Antioco will be exclusively competent, with the express exclusion of all the other optional forums referred to in Articles 19 and 20 of the Code of Civil Procedure

13. Confidentiality and disclosure pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003: All information on the activities and / or products of the customer that will be communicated to Carolina Ranch personnel, collaborators and consultants for the fulfillment of the assignment / service, will be considered confidential and usable within the limits and for the purposes of the assignment. The common data (company name, Loc. Cala Sapone 11 – 09017 – Sant’Antioco (SU), necessary for the execution of the obligations arising from the contract, may be communicated to accounting professionals and banking institutions. manual mode is computerized and will be stored by Carolina Ranch

14. Intellectual Property Rights The User declares and recognizes that all trademarks, designs, models, distinctive signs, intellectual property, software and databases, or any other intellectual and industrial property rights accessible from and / or reproduced on the Site in every way and / or form, including the Carolina Ranch trademark, are the exclusive property of Carolina RanchCarolina Ranch is not liable, however, the intellectual property rights related to the products on sale, whose owners are expressly indicated therein. Any use of the Intellectual Property Rights in any way and / or form, in whole and / or in part, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Carolina Ranch or its licensors. Reproduction of the contents of the Site and of the products offered therein is prohibited.


Acquista o regala oggi un voucher del Carolina Ranch spendibile nell’arco di un anno e aiuti i nostri cavalli che ti accompagneranno in escursione domani.

Il Carolina Ranch è una struttura turistica che si trova in Sardegna, nell’Isola di Sant’Antioco.

A seguito della chiusura imposta dall’emergenza sanitaria del Covid-19, il Ranch sta affrontando a porte chiuse tutte le spese relative al mantenimento di tutti i suoi animali, tra cui i 15 cavalli che ci accompagnano durante l’anno per le varie escursioni e la scuola pony per i bambini.
Ma la nostra struttura ospita e si prende cura anche di diversi cavalli “in pensione”, spesso sottratti ad un inevitabile destino, ai quali é stata data l’opportunità di una seconda vita, lasciandoli liberi di muoversi in ampi spazi e in assoluta libertà.

Il mese di Maggio sarà quello della fienagione, in cui il Carolina Ranch dovrà provvedere all’acquisto delle scorte di fieno che saranno poi necessarie al sostentamento alimentare di tutti i cavalli sino all’anno successivo.

Con il solo gesto di regalarvi o regalare un’esperienza in mezzo alla natura, non solo contribuirete al sostentamento di tutti gli animali del ranch, ma farete in modo che la nostra passione per i cavalli ci consenta di superare anche questo ostacolo in un momento storico delicato per tutti.




Scegli l'assistente e comincia a chattare con lui/lei su WhatsApp, o se preferisci inviaci una mail a to info@carolinaranch.it

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